Bahrain GP Result & Race Report

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  1. rychan says:

    One of the best races I've seen recently, great to see teams allowing their drivers to race against each other. The Mercedes works cars were in a class of their own which, isn't a bad thing. I'm certain there have been seasons past where teams had advantages due to previous years R&D choices. This season so far seems to favour the Mercedes engines, but there is always a winning team in F1.

    Ferrari and Red Bull were fairly dominant over recent years so It's great to see the pack mixed up again, Ricciardo is really showing his mettle from race to race and you can be sure other teams will catch up through the season.

    All the talks of rule changes mid-season seem to stink of the old guard becoming corrupted. Ferrarri in particular. The team have gone through fallow periods in the early 90's prior to the Schumacher years but are still here. Some teams will advanced and some will fall behind when rules are changed. At least give this new format a chance, for a straight season. Bahrain proved lap after lap that it delivered an enthralling sport and I'm sure future races will prove the same.

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